4 Fundamental Survival Tips

It’s a chaotic time these days, isn’t it? There is an ever-present fear that something can go wrong at any moment, a catastrophe that might force you to endure hardship and terror on a wild scale.

Preppers have formed a niche in today’s culture, over the rampant fear and worry of collapse. Since 2011, Google has tracked huge spikes in interest for survivalist culture.

The craze made such a buzz, that National Geographic did a four season series for post-apocalyptic survival tips.

Some people might say there is no way around such disasters.

Well, we’re here to say that not only is there a way around them, but tribal societies did it for millennia.

Here are four survival tips that are going to help you. Emergency situations could arise at random and often without your control, but you can be in control when terror strikes!

1. Learn the nomadic survival tips used by tribes for millennia.

Many natives were nomadic. Hunting and gathering were essential, so tribes followed the crops and herd migrations.

As a consequence of their lifestyle, they lived with very few possessions, sometimes only with whatever was essential. Understanding the importance of minimalization can be very helpful in extreme situations like this video on winter survival (Russian style).

These people didn’t haul around televisions or shelves stacked with DVDs. Entertainment may have been provided with instruments and some theatrical props, but don’t imagine anything like the set of a KISS concert.

How many items do you own in your home right now that you are absolutely certain would be required to live? Compare that number to each item that isn’t!

For most of us, staying in a tent is a nice hobby that we get to enjoy for a weekend, but don’t forget that humans lived in these things for a lifetime.

If you cannot get to a tent, here is a how-to-guide for makeshift shelters out in the wilderness.

2. Every fresh water source is vital to life…

Water has kind of been glanced over by our civilization in the last century. You can probably just drive anywhere within five minutes and find somewhere that sells fresh water.

Bam, hydration in an instant, and with no sweat…

Imagine living in a society where waterworks and department stores aren’t an option.

Fresh water sources were fiercely defended and revered by entire tribes.

Protecting your water is essential. Make sure you know the tips to help you clean water while you’re in the wild.

3. Fire is the key to survival.

Make sure you learn the necessary survival tips for safely building a camp fire. You’re about to learn how to do it old school.

Using kindling gathered from nearby resources, create friction to ignite a spark and hopefully that should get you started.

Building a tinder nest is a vital for survival, so see if you can squeeze this technique into your skillset. Forget matches, this how-to guide shows how to manage without them.

4. Gathering food.

Wherever you are, you’re going to need food. You can use food storage devices to help you gather, but real hunting is going to require firearms or some other device.

A bow and arrow is going to take expertise to craft and use, so here is a very simple method that humans have used for thousands of years — the spear!

WikiHow provides this helpful guide to craft a spear, and after you’ve made it, you’re going to want to find out how it is properly used, also!

Prepping for a disaster can be the difference between being in control or going nuts when a catastrophe happens. If you need info on gear reviews, too, we’ve got you covered.

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