5 Essential Urban Survival Skills to Prepare for a Disaster

The world around you begins to shake. All of your cabinets open. Dishes begin falling everywhere. Cracks spider their way across your wall and into your ceiling. The floor undulates like a sheet in the wind.

No, this isn’t a scene from The Poltergeist. This is what it feels like to be in an earthquake.

If disaster struck in your city, would you be ready? Do you have the necessary urban survival skills and supplies to make it out alive?

Even if you think you have everything ready, it’s always good to double check and get some extra advice. We’ve collected a few pieces of advice and we’re ready to share it.

1. Urban Survival Skills: Riot Ready

If society collapses, there will be angry people. Angry people riot. Historically, riots happen when emotions get out of hand. There is some sort of strange power in the presence of many people. A shared energy gets passed around.

If you live in a city, you are surrounded by thousands to millions of people. And humans react in odd ways during a crisis. You need to be prepared if the crowds around you get out of hand during a disaster.

Remember, you can only control your own emotions. Attempt to stay calm for the sake of yourself and everyone around you. Avoid confrontation at all costs. If you see people fighting, stay away. Keep moving. And if you can get inside, stay inside away from people. And if you get caught in a crowd, stay on your feet.

2. Looters Happen

In a disaster, your things don’t matter anymore. That television is going to be worthless because you probably won’t get power for a while.

When confronted with looters keep your emotions in check. They’re there for the stuff, not you. If you have a means of protecting your own property, do so if you are not overwhelmed by numbers.

If caught among looters outside your home, try to blend in. Pretend you are there to loot as well. Then get away as quickly as possible. But be ready to fight back if the looters become violent. Carry a weapon on you at all times.

3. Remain Alert

One in three car accidents happens close to home. Why are we mentioning this? Because people close to home become less alert. They feel safer near home.

But, if you want to survive in a disaster, you have to be even more alert close to home. Know every exit in your home and building. If you live in a congested city, know every alleyway and inroad near your building.

At work, talk with your boss and co-workers about disaster preparedness. Make sure you and your co-workers have a plan of escape. Know every bit of your building.

4. Learn How To Defend Yourself

Urban survival skills include self-defense. Buy a gun if legal, and learn how to shoot. Take a concealed carry class. Go to the gun range and practice shooting. Get comfortable wearing your weapon. And remember, deadly force should be a last resort.

5. Know That Anything Is A Weapon

Another thing to remember when picking up urban survival skills: Anything can be a weapon. Heck, your chihuahua could even be a weapon if they are fierce enough.

Have a pair of scissors in every room in your house. And have them in a place that is easily reachable.

You can also check out more tips on urban survival concepts from the video below.


Urban survival skills are about knowing your environment, yourself, and what kinds of unconventional things you can do to stay alive.

What are some things you would do to survive a disaster? Let us know in the comments below.