3 Basic Pieces of Wilderness Survival Gear You Need to Have

Surviving in the wilderness is all about having the appropriate gear. An easy day trip can turn into a disaster situation if you’re traveling unprepared.

Luckily, picking the right wilderness survival gear is simple. The same three things will consistently get you out of trouble.

If you’re gearing up for your next expedition, you should pack your bag with these three items.

Wilderness Survival Gear: Knives

The first piece of wilderness survival gear that’s a must have is your basic pocket knife. Now, it’s better to keep a buck knife, but anything with a blade will work.

Knives are the ultimate in utility should disaster ever strike. You can kill, shape, dig, and otherwise alter anything with your knife.

For example, if you needed to build a shelter your knife could help cut branches. If you caught a fish your knife lets you clean your dinner.

The versatility is what makes knives the number one thing to keep in your survival bag. Any piece of equipment you have, your knife can repurpose into something else.

Fire Starting Kit

The ability to start a fire in the wilderness means the ability to keep warm, dry, and cook food.

Coincidentally, those are the three things any avid survivalist will preach to people headed into the bush.

Your fire starter kit should contain a few different things. First, the easiest fire starting tools are waterproof matches.

Next, you have your basic flint and steel. Even in the harshest conditions, you can make steel and flint create a spark.

Lastly, your kit needs some sort of lens. With practice, you can manipulate sunlight into starting a fire.

Never assume that just one of these three tools is enough for your trip. Things get lost, fail, and generally just don’t work.

Come prepared with several backup plans.

Water Purification Gear

Having clean water is essential to human life. We can only survive around 3 days on average without drinking water.

If you’re stuck in the wilderness, chances are pretty good that you might not find a clean water source.

You can’t just drink from any old lake or pond. Vomiting, diarrhea, and worse, are common from drinking contaminated water.

Crucial to your wilderness survival gear are water purification systems. You have three real choices to choose from.

First, water purification tablets that cleanse contaminated water. Though these are a finite resource.

Next, a water purification straw. These let you drink from any water source without worry of getting sick.

Lastly, a container to collect rain water. If all else fails, what comes from the sky is safer to consume.

We should also note that if you can boil your water beforehand, do it. Even if you’re using another purification method it’s always better safe than sorry.


Wilderness survival is no joke. Poor planning could end up making the difference between life and death.

If you want to make your trips safer and mitigate the chances of disaster; keep a sharp knife, fire starting kit, and water purification gear in your survival bag.

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