The Ultimate Guide to Disaster Survival

Are you prepared for disaster survival?

You might think so, but you’d be surprised.

Here’s our official ultimate guide to disaster survival, full of tips and tricks that can help you and your family survive.

Disaster survival 101: how to build a fire out of anything

There are so many reasons why getting a fire going is essential to disaster survival.

Not only will it provide warmth, but it will also help keep water clean if running water stops, prevents sickness, clean wounds, cook food, and provide emotional support to survivors.

It’s an absolutely essential part of disaster survival.

But do you know how to get one going anywhere, anytime?

If you’re in an urban setting, one way you can do it is with Miracle Gro.

By pouring approx. a tablespoon into a metal mint tin and lighting it on fire, you can get a small fire that’s powerful enough to boil about a quart of water.

While it’s not perfect, in a disaster survival situation, every little bit help.

Other ways to get a fire going if you have access to wood but not accelerant or matches is:

  • A flint and steel,
  • wood on wood using friction methods,
  • A lens.

And did you know you can make a lens out of a chocolate bar and a can of coke?

You use the chocolate to polish the bottom of the can of coke, which will make it act like a mirror. With a little bit of tinder, you can focus the reflection from the sun into a pile of tinder to trigger a fire.

Disaster survival 101: how to get clean water

The human body can survive for a long time without food – but without water, it’ll perish pretty darn fast. But at the same time, water is extremely easy to get sick from, due to how easily it gets contaminated.

The result is catch-22. You need water to survive, but you can’t drink any of the water around you. That’s why finding a way to purify water is so critical to disaster survival.

Naturally, there’s always boiling water, which will remove most of the impurities. But if you don’t have access (or limited access) to a fire, boiling water is difficult and fuel-intensive.

Fortunately, there are other ways.

The evaporation method

All you need to do is get two bowls, one small and one large, and some plastic wrap.

First, put the small one inside the big one, then fill the big one with water so the small one is floating in it.

Now, cover the big bowl with plastic wrap, put a small stone in the middle of the plastic wrap, and put the whole thing in the sun.

As the sun warms the bowl, the water evaporates out of the big bowl, condenses as it hits the plastic, and drips into the small bowl and voila! Clean, distilled water.


Disaster survival comes down to a few fundamental truths that you need to fulfill. First, you need to be able to build a fire. It will let you do everything from signal for help to cook your dinner.

Second, you need to get access to clean water. Without that, there’s no point in doing anything else related to disaster survival.

Once you have these two things, you can move on to other survival techniques like building a shelter, finding food, and making contact with friends and family.

Here is a video with more tips to survive in a disaster.

Do you have any more disaster survival tips? Share them with us in the comments!